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Camp Clinician Jordan Leen
Located in the upstate NY area (Rochester), the Apex Wrestling Programs have been helping wrestlers, since 2000, to enhance their wrestling technique, develop mental toughness and elevate competition intensity. Apex Wrestling provides instruction from coaches and clinicians who have found success from the high school level up to and including the collegiate or national level as a competitor and/or as a coach. This is just one of the reasons we attribute to the success of the wrestlers that emerge from this club.

If you would like to take your wrestling to a new level, then please consider some of the program choices below.

Apex Wrestling Competition Calendar
May 21, 2016 Fulton Spring Duals; Fulton, NY Info Sign Up 1st Place
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June 11, 2016 Athens Duals; Athens, PA Info Sign Up Result
August 1-4, 2016 Apex Commuter Camp; Pittsford, NY Sign Up
August 5-7, 2016 1000 Island Duals; Clayton, NY HS Info -or-
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Six great program offerings
Apex EliteClub
Apex EliteYouth Club

Apex EliteFall Session
Date: March 8-May 26, 2016 Date: Jan 5-Feb 25, 2016 Date: 2016-17 TBA
Apex has retooled the Apex Wrestling Club to establish and form Apex Elite. Apex Eliteis designed for the wrestler who is looking to compete at a high level in state and national competitions. Varsity experience is required to maintain a high level of instruction and wrestling intensity.
Apex will once again be offering the Apex EliteYouth Wrestling program. Last year was a success as we had nearly 40 wrestlers in grades 3rd-6th participate.

This club is for experienced youth wrestlers only. More focused kids with a passion for the sport should enroll. Practices will be fun but structured.
This is for those who would like to prepare for the upcoming wrestling season. Sessions will be held at Calkins Road MS and Rush Henrietta HS from 7-8:30pm.
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Apex Wrestling Club
Apex Commuter Camp

Apex Youth Camp
Date: March 7-May 18, 2016 Date: August 1-4, 2016 Date: June/July 2016
Apex Wrestling Club helps to develop techniques specific to international styles and to facilitate development in match experiences. Live wrestling will be made available at every session. Learn technique or just wrestle, the GRIND MAT gives every wrestler the option to do what they want. Geared for wrestlers in 7th grade and up.

Two convenient locations for practice within the Greater Rochester area: Webster and Spencerport.
The Apex Wrestling Commuter Camp is in its 13th year and is designed for wrestlers in 7th grade and up. This year's camp clinicians are Nashon Garrett, Jason Bovenzi, Bill Jacoutot,
Brad Mayville and Charlie Voorhees.
6th Annual Wrestling and/or Football camp for 3rd-8th grade and is designed to provide top notch instruction at a reasonable price. The camp's philosophy is to teach and reinforce the basic skills and fundamentals while gradually progressing into higher levels of technique. You will receive instruction from former high school and collegiate champions.
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